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Kraig Karson's Blog

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Posts from October 2013

Juicy Portion of Fall
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My first Baby Shower
The rules/trends are constantly changing. I had no idea that the husband
(pardon me for referring to a couple that's actually still married who will be spawing soon)
is now very much included in the baby shower planning and event.
Over the weekend I attended one of those new skool baby showers,
because all the family was invited.... and it was at a bar (interesting).

The husband actually booked the banquet room and was
there for the whole thing.  He seemed genuinely engaged in every onesie -each toy
and homemade burp cloth that he and his wife were opening. 
Or maybe it was the bevy of bloody marys
that made his experience worth while. Great for him/them. 

That being said, I'm grateful to have reproduced before
the husband baby shower became a thing.
Showing up at the very end to pick up my wife,
and make a lightening quick getaway from the traditional estrogenFest is more my thing.
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Narcoleptic October
Maybe it's the shift the in the weather, the increased darkness,
or my years of lying to the masses and boasting "Sleep in overrated!"--
but this month I can sleep anywhere, anytime.  At a stoplight (just kidding/not really)
... on any couch, chair, or even standing up.  It could be rational preperatory part
of my brain soakin in as much sleep as possible before the Christmas Season.
Enjoy the flatline fall season and a piece of pumpkin blah blah.
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Wisconsin Drivers and Funeral Directors
Thought for the day: 

Impatient aggressive drivers from Wisconsin
are on a par with a high strung funeral director.
It doesn't suit you/know your role.
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Too much stuff, too fast. Stop!! Time
I remember this time of year. It's invigorating, overwhelming,
and October seems to initiate an involuntary fast forward button on life.
I urge you to slow down and enjoy it.  What am I getting at?
You have a choice:  Enjoy football, carmel apples, pumpkin pancakes
and something made with cloves. Or you could spend your days being
that old person on Facebook/Twitter who complains about the gov't and politics.
Getting caught up in wasteful wrangling about words
which rob you of  your happiness.
Nobody will tell you to your face, But I will.
So....  Swallow your pride, along with some cider... and relax.

xoxo Kraig 
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