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Posts from April 2013

you have a choice
I hear/read a lotta folks saying they're afraid go outside, send their kids to school..
how the world is a horrible place and that humanity is doomed. 
I'm guessing/hoping that I'm reading what only a few think.
you have a choice on how you react to disasters, tragedies, and disturbing worldwide events.
You can be one of those people who do things based on fear. Fun? Productive? No.
Or you can choose to actually live;
Doing things that active, living, breathing people do. 
Are you visibly shaken by this weeks events in Boston and west Texas?
Donate.  Do you crave comfort? 
Surround yourself with friends and family... pray... party.. give.. breathe..
but do Not fear or worry. 
Because last time I checked, worrying never addded a minute to anybodys
life or solved a problem.
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