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Posts from January 2013

Finally Made it to The Domes
I've worked here ... twice.  Even lived in Milwaukee for almost 2 years but never made it to The Domes.  Guess I just needed a reason to take a random mini roadtrip.

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Even Bacon can't save TV
First of all, the fact that Kevin Bacon is on network TV is alarming/disturbing.  Meaning that he's too good for TV.
This is assuming that the film industry isn't in the crapper... which it obviously is.  
The reason why you are seeing true A-listers
(not the reality show mouthbreathers that Alley Faith 
misnames A-Listers) on dumbed down
TV shows is because the film industry is done.
Isn't it obvious?  Everything has wings, CGI, or is a remake
of a dead president and/or 60's, 20's, some other dead dudes idea.
.. which provides a slimey, and transparent illusion to a new crop of viewers that it's original.
Nice try.

Kevin Bacon appeared on a horrible TV show last night,
and it was produced to seem like a movie.  
That's the recent trend because we are hungry for something
that resembles a real movie and we're not 
getting it in movie theatres.  But thankfully I do get hot pretzel bites
with a side of fake cheese.
so.....My interest was piqued due to the fact that Kevin Bacon can actually act.  
And it's a new show that's not a remake, so I gave it a chance.
Unfortunately , he was surrounded by subpar acting, boney women  who looked more manly than him,
 and a script that sounded like it was scrawled on the back of a gum wrapper
in the Mitchell International bathroom stall.  What a waste.
 Proving once again that Hollywood is in 
desperate need for originality and creativity.
And that the "tough" women roles have become so contrived that instead
of being a strong woman who's "Miss Indepedent.. hey girl"...
they appear to be longing for a pork chop and 3 triple milkshakes with
a shot of Weight-On.  
 Maybe the creators/corportate shills are just afraid to take a risk; simply going
with what is cheap and easy.  That means yes they are. ew. 
 Because of this,
I've curtailed my TV viewing to about 40 minutes a day. My brain thanks me.. except for this past
evening.  It's embarrassed in so many ways.  I think I'll listen to more radio.
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Never Stop Reading
Best part of my day.. and Dr. Seuss never gets old.
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Are you a vegetarian?
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Made it through without Cliche'

Well....as I'm writing this, I may be a little premature. But so far I've managed to avoid the loathesome
workplace cliche's that follow long weekends/and or holidays.  For the first time I didn't have to hear

1." Feels like a Monday doesn't it!?" 
(no it doesn't, but you make my spine twinge and my stomach acid bubble up)

2. "Couldn't we have just one more day of vacation" 
(wish you could have one more day then I wouldn't have to hear that)

3. "I need a vacation from my vacation".  (Please cease from all talking until 2015)

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