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Posts from December 2012

IT's not Deep.
Many humans who are on auto-pilot seem to think that New Years is a time for reflection. They feel
there's some sort of worldly obligation to make languid, forced poignant, touching statements
at year's end.  Here's the deal.  LIfe is not a horrible cliche'd movie riddled with mediocre overpaid actors.
LIfe is a series of days; one usually no more significant than the next.
New years is an excuse to party.  It's just another day. Have fun and resist the
hollow path toward self -examining  your life. xoxo Kraig
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She's Testing me
Usually my wife gives me a fairly detailed list on what she wants for Christmas.  This year
her list is small, she claims that she "apparently has everything she could ever want."
I'm going with my gut; and won't fall into the trap of barely getting her anything.
12 years of marriage has schooled me on how to read between the lines, find
the perfect gift that she didn't mention specifically or at all.  Keep in mind this artform has
only been perfected following years of disappointment on my end.  Good luck in your signficant
other present search.  Merry Christmas!:)
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