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Kraig Karson
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Kraig Karson's Blog

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Posts from November 2012

What is WOW?
I shouldn't have uttered that question to the guy working the seafood dpt at the grocery store. 

He trapped me into a converstation; mentioning he was up for 41 hours straight playing "WOW".
I kneejerk reacted with the question:  "Wow, what's Wow?"  It's unfortunately"World Of Warcraft".

I don't know what this is.. oh wait.. now I do, sad to say.

. But I didn't know about this until the unwarranted 10 minute lengthy tutorial from the bearded seafood

guy.... who would rather tell me about his marathon gaming than scrounging up my tilapia.

I said thanx about 3 times before walking away midsentence.  My point.  No matter how

rapidly technology advances, you still need social skills in the real world. Learn em or.. you
could be "Wowing" people away from you for eternity.

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Homemade is Not better
Do you think that your Grandma or your Great half Aunt thrice removed ..

or some other fictionally exalted/mystical shirttail relative in your family

has the best homemade -- Insert Thanksgiving cliche food here --?

Well, they don't.  Instant stuffing is the best.  Instant mashed= top notch.

It doesn't matter if your Great great great grandpappy used to grow his

own potatoes in Ireland and had perfected a secret recipe that is exclusive 

to only your family.  The instant potato flakes will destroy Grandapa O'Leary's
swill slop that you call homemade.  Let's make it an instant classic Thanksgiving. Thanx!

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Worst Father of the year.
Who's the dad that brings his kid out to the busstop without
gloves or a hat in 29degree weather?
Me. Go ahead, judge.  I'm horrible...
you''ve done it too.  And if you haven't, you will.
What makes this error in parental judgement/or lack thereof 
more entertaining are the other parents. 
Their looks of disdain and shock that I'd let my boy
out in the deadly frozen suburban tundra without the proper attire.
I'm sure those folks are compassionate people who are merely concerned.  
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People: Go ahead

Pretend to be an Expert
It's finally over:  the endless window of time where my "friends"
pretended to be political experts, economic scholars,
and overly dramatic and sentimental blah blahs.
Now that they're done with their intellectual facade, we can get
back to acting like rational humans who like to interact.
Happy quiet time right before the holidays! Enjoy.
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Topics: Human Interest

Helpful Safety Tip
These 3 beverages do not mix. Milk Stout, Coconut Tequila, and Cherry Vodka. 
I blame my horrible friends who have so much booze, they would rival all the bars in Cudahy.
I also blame professional football for providing the jovial atmoshpere which inspires bad liquor choices.

Kraig "Blameshifter" Karson
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