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Kraig Karson's Blog

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Posts from October 2012

Hard to Not Think About
For me.. and I'm guessing for you too -- barring the fact that you have no core  -- you've been
thinking, watching,, and hopefully praying for the people affected by SuperStorm Sandy.

We have it really good here in Milwaukee.. virtually untouched by the events on the East Coast... assuming you don't have family or friends there.
So, If you're having a tough day this week, or you're about veer off into a fit of rage because the barista messed up your coffee(not really coffee more like Ice Cream Sundae with a shot coffee order)  remember what you didn't have to go through this week/next week .. etc.
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Halloween Nerdiness
My wife is the biggest Halloween junkie ever. I admit, I've always liked Halloween.

But if I were single, my house would have a few boxes of candy(York Peppermint Patties 

to selfishlessly feed my dark chocolate/mint craving)    and a pumpkin shoved

in the corner.  Here's an example of some of the great Halloween stuff out there.

Have fun this season.. ya PumpkinCuddler. 
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Shoe Hijack
My spawn already has cooler shirts than me 
(all clothing companies make kids clothes better than adults) ..
as if that wasn't enough, he's hijacked my shoes.
I relinquish personal belongings on a daily basis...
as I'm sure you do too if  you're a parent.
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Sad To See Baseball Go
MLB is not my thing.  But Minor League ball is/was  a blast.  As the World Series reminds us that it's time 

to let go of the most relaxing spectator sport in the world, I remember an intimate moment at my last baseball game.  
We now return to your regularly scheduled Packers Games.
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Resist the Temptation
To talk about politics all the time.  Educate yourself and vote.  and for the interim.....

Think first before posting blanket polarizing political statements on FadeBook or Twiddler.

It could cost you friends, and your job.  Take the higher ground, champ.. and God Bless America.

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