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Posts from September 2012

More discerning about booze
As was at a wedding over the weekend. (Rahny Taylor's wedding ... (( namedropper)).. and I've noticed that I don't drink as much as I used to. Well.. I already knew this, but going to a wedding will highlight your/my drinking habits.  Did I feel slightly superior to the rest of the drunken schlubs who were slurping both the horrible choice beverages (any light beer) and dribbling their words all night?  Yes.

It's not a conscious choice to drink less.. but a more discerning one about my booze options.  I drink for taste.  Whiskey (good whiskey), beer with a body, no that skinny new school swill, and any other liquor that doesn't taste like cough medicine (jaeger).  

I don't have a lotta time to drink.  So when I do, I want to enjoy it. Doesn't that make sense?  or are you too drunk to read this?

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