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Kraig Karson's Blog

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Posts from May 2012

Jealous of Bloggers
Sometimes I think to myself "I wish I had time to legitimately blog".  I see lot of folks on twitter linking to their blog... wondering where they get the time.  My day rushing so fast to the end that my thoughts have not a chance to reach a coherent sentence/paragraph.  Right now I'm thinking of frozen custard,
work, the drive home, do I need to pick up laundry detergent and shaving cream?  Maybe an extra box of Cheez-It's?  This is why I don't blog.  Thank you. xoxo Kraig
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Don't lose your likeability
That's my advice to many Wisconsin drivers. The perception (might be a stereotype) about Wisco drivers is that they are more laid back, less likely to be agressive and aren't in a hurry.  Something that I always liked. Back in the day..... (from the viewpoint of a flatlander)  I could always count on good ole Wisconsin for a much needed respite from my hometown.  Illinois/Chicagoland drivers, for the most part, are in a big hurry for no apparent reason.  High-strung, me first, overcalcuated fury and fight.

Lately, I've noticed a trend.  Over the past 4 years Wisconsin drivers are starting to drive like Illinois drivers.  Overly aggressive, tailgatey, and in a hurry... to go nowhere. Because let's face it, where are you going?  Are you in a rush to get home and sit on your couch with a big bag of tostitos?  It'll wait. Relax.  Wisconsin Drivers:  Don't continue this trend.  Your likeability is almost completely dependant on the friendly, laid back, personal vibe both on and off the roads.  If you lose that, you've lost your identity... and will free-fall into a vortex of new school souless despair.  xoxo   Kraig
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Soccer Dad? really?
I don't understand how it happened.. but I'm now that guy on the sidelines cheering on my spawn (boy) during soccer games. Soccer, my least favorite "sport", is an experiment.  Americans supposedly love it, yet it's not fully embraced on a professional/national  level.  Maybe we.. and when I say "we" I mean.. not me, but everybody suburban else... love it because anybody can do it on a toddler/kid level. 

Some of the parents are like crazed, rabies- induced cheering zombies; as if their kids immediate success in the current debacle/game had Hunger Games impliciations on their family's survival.

It's entertaining, weird, slightly disturbing.  Bottom line:  I'm glad the boy isn't loving the soccer vibe.  Next stop...whatever he wants to try next.
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