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Jobs that sound awesome, but really aren't...

In first grade, there's always some punk kid who says he wants to be a GYNECOLOGIST when he grows up.  Of course, as you get older, you realize the job is ZERO percent sexy.


Here are five jobs that SOUND cool, but aren't that great in reality.

Radio DJ is not on this list, because come on - let's be serious - we have a pretty awesome job here at KISS-FM :o)  

1.  Commercial airline pilot.  You start with a lot of debt, and it used to be that you eventually made a ton, with the freedom to fly wherever you want, whenever you want.  But now both the pay and the flexibility have gone down.



2.  Strip club bouncer.  You're not paid to be around naked women . . . you're paid to watch drunk, dirtbag guys try to grope those naked women.



3.  Video game tester.  It's not just sitting around all day playing video games . . . it's trying to find tiny bugs in games and playing them so much and looking at them so clinically that you get sick of ALL video games.



4.  Anything with animals, from vet to zookeeper to researcher.  Don't get in it for the cute animals . . . because there's a lot of picking up poop, doing paperwork, dealing with animals with diseases, and, sadly, watching animals get sick and pass away.



5.  Girls Gone Wild cameraman.  You're always traveling to tiny towns, working long hours, and having to be VERY predatory and creepy.  Plus you're working for very little money for JOE FRANCIS and can't tell your mom what you do.





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08/29/2013 8:40AM
Jobs that sound awesome, but really aren't...
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