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VIRAL VIDEOS: Shaving for Grandma, Hampster picks the world cup, and more!

Grandma hated his beard, so for her 100th birthday he shaved his beard. And Grandma rejoiced.

Who will win the World Cup this weekend? I don't know, let's ask this hampster!

Start off your day with some drive by compliments. Your hair smells like cinnamon.

What up this weekend? Well Bastille Days will be clogging up the East Side Downtown at Cathedral Square....I think the Dragon Boat festival is this weekend too. Full list of weekend happenings CLICK HERE.
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All Iced cream is pretty fantastic, but which ice cream flavor makes you happies

The Cluinary Geek via Flickr

And now, some hard-hitting journalism on which ice cream flavors make people smile. Next stop: Pulitzer prize, baby.

Baskin-Robbins just ran a survey and asked people which flavors of ice cream make them the happiest. I'm not 100% sure how that's different from people's FAVORITE ice cream flavor, but at least vanilla didn't win this time, so we'll take it.

The top 10 ice cream flavors that make people happiest are: Chocolate . . . coffee . . . strawberry . . . rocky road . . . vanilla . . . cookie dough . . . mint chocolate chip . . . chocolate chip . . . praline . . . and rainbow sherbet.

Overall, 72% of people say deciding to get ice cream makes them happy even if they're stressed, preoccupied, or serious. Let's not dig too deep into the sad, chubby psychology there and just enjoy our ice cream, okay?


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VIRAL VIDEOS: 50 States in 20 seconds, a tiny hedgehog, and a whacked out drug l

Here is the Germany v. Brazil futbol game from yesterday in 11 seconds. Wait for it... wait for it...

I bet this girl gets all the geography guys:

A tiny birthday party for a tiny hedgehog! Squeeee!!

And finally, a great case for NOT doing drugs...or eating Ketchup or Mustard for that matter. WTF??

Watch More Funny VideosA Good Case For Not Doing Drugs ... Or Eating Ketchup And Mustard
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If you were the opposite sex for one day...

Ed Schipul via Flickr

  If you could switch GENDERS for one day, what would you do?  Everyone's thought about it . . . just to see what it's really like.  And obviously you'd start off by fondling your new genitalia.  But what about AFTER that?



Here are the five best ideas we've heard, if people could switch genders for one day . . .



1.  "During my day as a woman, I'd pick up a guy in a bar, have sex with him, and look forward to seeing the shock on his face when he woke up the next morning next to my original form."



2.  "I'd rob a bank, because everyone would be looking for a woman . . . but I'd be a dude with millions."



3.  "I'd go shopping with my mom.  She has four sons and no daughters."



4.  "Considering my luck, my day as a woman would probably be spent menstruating and feeling sad."



 5.  "During my day as a man I would go to a sperm bank.  Then once I was female again, I would impregnate myself."   


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VIRAL VIDEOS: Girl Fakes her period,

She faked her period, and her mom got her back.  Ha!


Jimmy Fallon took comedian / actor Kevin Hart on a roller coaster...he is TERRIFIED of roller coasters...


OK GO released a new video that's visually pretty badass...the song, is meh...but the video is sweet!

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These Things Will TOTALLY Ruin The Mood

What's the one thing in your place that totally kills the mood if you're about to GET IT ON?  According to a new survey, here are the ten biggest turn-offs.



1.  Bad smells.  Which could include feet, passing gas, or just neglecting to take the trash out.


2.  A dirty kitchen.  Even if you're not getting BUSY in the kitchen.


3.  A picture of your ex.  Which is weird, because it's something most people don't just have lying around their HOUSE.  But I guess Facebook also factors in.


4.  A dirty bedroom.


5.  Having a weird collection.  Like Steve Carell in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", who had old action figures all over his apartment.  Or if you're a woman, having a bunch of stuffed animals.


6.  Empty beer bottles, or anything that suggests you were partying and didn't bother to clean up.


7.  Too much sports memorabilia.


8.  Dust.  Which is something only WOMEN care about.  (Has a guy ever turned down sex because of DUST?)


9.  Anything that reminds you of your kids, or THEIR kids.  Like toys lying around.


10.  Anything that takes up space and makes it feel claustrophobic. 



(Female First)

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VIRAL VIDEOS: NBA Mean Tweets, Baby Got Back - Brian Williams Version

Viral videos buzzing around today...

Both Jimmy's last night had some outstanding stuff.  Fallon had Brian Williams rapping "Baby Got Back"


And Jimmy Kimmel had NBA Mean Tweets #2.  If you haven't seen these before, they are quite high-larry-us.


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VIRAL VIDEOS: Chicken is a Jerk, The Knocking Cat...

Here are a few videos buzzing on the internet today...

Jerk chicken? Yes. This chicken is a jerk.  Or is it a rooster?  Whatever.  


I hate cats, but this one is pretty cool I guess.  Unless he did this all the time, then it could get annoying and I would consider mailing him to another family. 


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VIRAL VIDEOS: Interview with a Guinea Pig,

An interview with a guinea pig. So damn cute. 


More proof that cats are jerks:  This deer wants to be friends, and the cat is a total jerk face:


Seems like everyone is watching the World Cup - even these guys: 

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What Do Women Regret About Their Wedding?

Kelly Sue Deconnick via Flickr

Women get SUPER stressed about planning the perfect wedding.  And once it's over, apparently they wish they'd been even MORE obsessed about it.



In a new survey, 82% of married women said they'd change at least one thing about their wedding if they could.  And the thing they'd MOST like to change is . . . the best man's TOAST.  Here are the top ten things they'd change.



1.  The best man's speech. 52% wish they could go back and rewrite it for him.


2.  Their hair and make-up, 38%.


3.  The amount of money they spent, 34%.  But not because they spent too much . . . because they wish they'd spent MORE.


4.  The weather, 33%.


5.  Their wedding dress, 32%.


6.  Where they went on their honeymoon, 31%.


7.  Their wedding photographer, 30%.


8.  Their engagement ring, 24%.


9.  Their bridesmaids.  21% would replace at least one of them.


10.  The bouquet.  17% now think the one they chose was ugly. 



(Daily Mail)

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