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Kraig Karson
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Wes McKane's Blog

It's in the name...

Ladies when you get married some of you take your mans name.  Well Kim Kardashian is marring Reggie Bush.  Would you take his last name if he had a bad one like that???  Take any celeb with an "interesting" last name and put your first name  in front of it...makes me giggle a lil I think it will for you too.  Or put you 1st initial  in front of it the way your work email would look...lol.  Or put their last name 1st then your first name the way it would show up in a phone book...HAHAHA...O.K. I'm done.52522_kim-kardashian-reggie-bush-wenn

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06/04/2009 5:24AM
It's in the name...
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06/15/2009 10:30AM
man x
I hate hyphenated names. I'm not marrying any woman whose not taking my name. That's the way it's always been done...sorry Courtney Cox-Arquette, you marry the guy you take his name.
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