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Is it always about others???

treadmillI've made an observation:  We do EVERYTHING for other people.  I mean let's be serious, you wouldn't eat healthy, workout, or even go as far as getting a cosmetic surgery if not for other people!  I mean the only reason I run and eat rice cakes is so my wife doesn't have to point across a bar and say "that's my hubby over there with the big chest and 3 chins!"  And she walks everyday and eats tofu so when we play wrestle she doesn't pin me in less then 8 seconds.  So as I dive both feet first into my apple this AM I solute you my wife!  Enjoy your protein shake!!!

06/11/2009 3:54AM
Is it always about others???
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06/16/2009 11:22AM
having a big chest might just mean that you work out.
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