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Kraig Karson
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Kraig Karson's Blog

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I'm a Sellout

For the greater part of my adult life I had prided (big mistake already .. pride) 
ok, prided myself on
avoiding/refusing to participate in small talk. 
Hence the reason why my group of real friends are a select few.
 I'm learning that  a ton of people love/
have a disturbing passion for small talk. It's comforting to them.
As I'm being thrusted into the daily suburban social scenarios
that I've mocked for years...
I'm now forced to be right in the heart of it. 
It's only Tuesday, and I've already discussed the
weather in extreme specific detail 4 times  with the small, safe gathering at the Bus Stop.
There's only so much you can say about the weather, regardless of the conditions.
Let's rephrase, there's only so much I can say,  before I shut down and just stop
responding to the forecast or pastcast.  "Yep, that's snow.  It sure is winter ...
Wonder if it'll stay like this?" or crap did I just accidentally ask a question in my
autopilot repsonse; which will inevitiably continue this torturous cliche riddled
conversation.   What's next? are we gonna talk about Nickleback and Pearl Jam?
Somebody get me a labotomy quick!,,, oh wait,  I think I already have one-- 
talking about the weather for 10 mintues.

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02/05/2013 6:19PM
I'm a Sellout
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