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I'm Baaackkkk!

Well, I'm back after another stint in the hospital.  The same thing happened to me 5 years ago and this time around the doctor's still couldn't seem to find the problem.  Here's the short version of my drama: I lost a bunch of blood...they gave me blood....they did a lot of tests...they found nothing.  So there ya go....anyway...thanks for all your support on Facebook and Twitter while I was out!  And I did get some very nice flowers from work sent to me....check em out. 

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12/03/2012 9:30AM
I'm Baaackkkk!
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12/03/2012 10:17AM
Sorry Ally
Hey Ally after listening to you talk on air about being sick I had to write and tell you I know what your going through , as my wife who works for north western mutual was feeling very sick , not being able to stand on her own two feet to the point i would have to carry her to and from the bathroom . I called 911 and when she got to the hospital and ran some test her blood level was only 3.5 when most people should be 13 to 15 she could have died . she's going on the 5th to have her spline taken out . what she has is a rare form of hemolytic anemia she had to have 2 pints on blood and her skins was very yellow. she's 40 and very healthy she don't drink ,smoke or do any kinds of drugs. i feel very bad for her as her husband all i can do is stand by her side and let her know all will be ok . I don't think people talk about this enough as this can kill women without notice . I hope your going to be ok as i do my wife and hope this will fix it but the doctors say there's only an 80% chance it will or she could have went on retuckson , so if you could send her a shout out i would be very thankful her name is Laura or Laur as i call her lol have a great day Ally and best wishes to you ! Mark from cudahy
12/03/2012 10:20AM
my email is mnlb0927@yahoo.com mark from cudahy
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