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Wes McKane's Blog

I know it's a little red neck!

vaca1So my wife and I haven't had longer then 1 night away from our kids in almost 5 years!  I know, I know....we're due!!!  So that's the deal: August.  Michigan. NASCAR.  Harley. Hillbilly right?  We're going to rent a Harley (only because mine is really that comfortable for long distances) and ride to Brooklyn, MI to see the NASCAR race.  This is a big deal because I love riding.  I love sports.  And I love hotel rooms with my wife.  Enough said!!!

05/20/2009 7:48AM
I know it's a little red neck!
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10/14/2010 7:02AM
Susan Heitman
So, this was the only blog that I could find to comment on which relates in any way to what I wanted to share. This past weekend, my husband and I took an anniversary trip. A little getaway from our 2 kids. He picked the location--Siren, Wisconsin. Why Siren, you ask? He has a collection of police vehicle pictures. It's his hobby. He had a picture of every sheriff's department in the state except Burnett County, so he asked if we could travel to Siren. It's a good thing that we like to drive. Last Friday, we stopped in the Gandy Dancer book store, got to talking to the woman behind the counter, and found out it was your mom. We talked about books, but also about your nephew and the fundraiser for downs syndrome. We really enjoyed our time up there. The colors were beautiful. Like you, we also enjoy hotel rooms. And we, again, realized what a small world it really is. Susan By the way, if you're ever up there and see a Webster police car, my husband would really appreciate a picture. He tried for 3 days to get one, but it eluded him. :-)
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