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Seth Simon

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I have issues...

Married people...or peeps in a relationship in general do you ever just pick a fight for sport?  I did last night.  I decided to start a fight with my wife for NO reason what so ever other then to fight with her.  I can't be the only one that does this!?  Was that in the vows..."to love and honor" "until death do us part"  "start random fights about leftovers!"boxing-gloves

05/28/2009 7:32AM
I have issues...
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05/29/2009 6:32AM
When things get " a little boring", Meaning same stuff day in and day out, I do start fights to keep things exciting. Me and my husband hardley "fight" but it's nice to bicker once in a while.
05/29/2009 9:12AM
Rosie Berger
LOL I don't think I've ever started one intentionally (did I spell that right?) but Like right before I do say something that I know will piss him off I have the little angel on one shoulder saying "ROSIE sweetie just let it go" and the tiny devil on the other telling me to "Just let him have it". And it only takes like a split second but I usually side with the lil'red dude! LOL Not the best advice for those on the verge of marraige or in a serious relationship but soemtimes you gotta shake it up a little to keep it exciting...who the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks can be nice ALL the dang time!?
06/04/2009 4:48AM
kelly johnson
Wes, I too start an arguement with my husband like once a month. We used to argue alot and now that those issues are resolved (he needed to get a job and now he has a good one) we have nothing to fight about. So I thought I was the only weird one, but hey, they make up sex is oh so worth it ;)
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