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I found my wedding dress!

weddingWell, I had a great weekend.  I finally found my wedding dress!  After shopping at many different bridal shops in Greenfield, Wauwatosa and Germantown I found my dress at Amelishan in Richfield!  It is beautiful and I was really surprised that I only had to try on about 15 dresses before I found the one.  Everyone said it would take months!  So I am relieved and excited for my wedding on November 14th!

I have to thank the girls at Amelishan...Natalie and Shannon were great.  Now I'm excited to get it in and get it altered!  I wish I could show it to you, but I don't want Joe to see it!  I promise after the wedding I will post lots of pics.  :)

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05/11/2009 6:16AM
I found my wedding dress!
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05/29/2009 7:18AM
I got my wedding dress from Amelishan as well ... and so did 2 of my friends. They were AWESOME there!!
05/30/2009 8:58AM
your wedding is on my birthday :) im turning 16.
05/30/2009 2:21PM
That's awesome! I'm getting married next summer (2010) and someone recommended that place to me already. I haven't checked it out yet, but now I'm even more excited to!
05/31/2009 9:36AM
Alley, My best friend got married last August and got her dress there. Infact, all the bridesmaids dressed were bought there too. Don't know if it was a special for that month but she ended up getting a free honeymoon (3 night stay she picked from a list), discounts on the groom's outfits, etc... Most of the bridal party lived out of town, but we had the dress brand and Amelishan worked with all of us to get the right dresses. You should check out what specials you can get if you haven't already. LOVED IT THERE. Can't wait to go there when I get married :) !!!!
06/02/2009 9:32PM
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06/05/2009 6:54PM
I also got my dress at Amelishan and unlike you I tried on a million dresses before I found the one and even then I wasn't sure.
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