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Wes McKane's Blog

I can be serious from time 2 time...

love15 years ago today (May 18th) my best friend, hero and father died of cancer.  There are certain times in your life where you can put a finger on the date and say "my life changed forever on that day"...this is one of those for me.  He was a good man who loved his wife and kids more then anything.  He would lend a hand to anyone, friend or foe at the drop of a hat.  He would be the 1st to want to sit down and have a beer and chat about life with a perfect stranger.  Moral of my blog here is to love someone that loves you unconditionally today...Make the time to make the call to that person you've been meaning to call....give a hug unsolicited.  Here's to you dad!

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05/18/2009 7:57AM
I can be serious from time 2 time...
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11/02/2009 5:49PM
On September 20, 2005 my fater passed away from bone cancer. He fought the battle for 8 years,the last few months all he can remember is my children and I, not my mom nor my sisters or brothers... I did everything we were really close towards the end. I too think of him alot. Three months after that I found out my daughter has a brain tumor- and it was cancer also, but now she is fine... after 4 yrs of pain and hurt. It kills me everyday.
11/02/2009 5:51PM
sorry had some typo's :)
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