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Seth Simon

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I Totes Want to be Part of this World

While there will be one and only one wedding in my life, I'm super ticked I didn't think of this when it was my turn!  Check out the best Disney wedding I've ever seen...and trust me...I've stalked a lot of them!


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02/05/2013 10:08AM
I Totes Want to be Part of this World
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02/05/2013 10:28AM
Disney or Gypsy?
I want this wedding!! We are going to renew our vows in Vegas this year. I was going to do the "gypsy" theme, so it could be big and gaudy, but this looks like a lot of fun. We are renewing at 19 years, instead of 20, so no one can buy me a "20 year anniversary" frame. LOL
02/17/2013 2:55PM
you shoud have the fairy tale
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