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Nathan Graham
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Wes McKane's Blog


I've been doing A LOT of projects around my house over the past week....and I don't know why but I hate the outdoor stuff...I think I may just be an inside person.  In a perfect world my yard would be like the Bray Bunch.  Astro turf and Tiger's dog house!!!astro

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05/29/2009 6:22AM
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05/29/2009 8:05AM
Rosie Berger
Wes, LOL Is The Bray Bunch a spin off of The BraDy Bunch!? LOL My hubby does landscaping...& he is more affordable than the others out there...Andrew Berger 414-915-0702 www.treemeds.com. We have 3 little girls 6, 4 & 2 & a 5 month old puppy! We crack up with your stories cause its like hearing our own! Good luck with the landscaping & seriously my Hubby can help you out! Ciao
06/01/2009 6:29PM
um...i think you mean Brady Bunch...i could be wrong but i think i am not...
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