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I Finally Gave In And Did It....

alley-joeSo I finally caved in and sent out Save The Date cards!  I couldn't decide and at one point even thought they were just a big waste of money.

BUT, since we have a lot of out-of-town guests coming, I figured it was only appropriate.

Sorry that the left side is blurry...we made them on www.snapfish.com and it was really hard to copy it off the site!

Hope you like it!

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06/04/2009 5:24AM
I Finally Gave In And Did It....
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06/04/2009 6:24AM
You guys are hot!
06/04/2009 9:43AM
Lisa Thorp
You look happy!!! CONGRATS
06/05/2009 3:08AM
Linda in KENOSHA!
Allie, just wanted to say you and Joe are soooooooo cute together! I listen to you, Wes & Ronie EVERY MORNING!! You guys kill me sometimes, lololololol! Also, my daughter is getting married August 29th and wanted to know if you have any tips or tricks as to how to save money or cut corners?? She is already at $12,000.00 NOT including the all inclusive honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!! Im doing all the bouquets and would love to share some ideas with you. What are your colors for the wedding? I remember when your sisters and you went and bought your dress...I WANNA SEE IT PLEASE!! Did you see the dress with the pearled removable straps?? Not sure if Davids has more than one, but would like to show you the dress that my daughter will become MRS SADOWSKI in come this August 29th of 09!!! YOU GO GIRL, YOU LOOK GREAT AND YOU AND JOE LOOK SOOOOOOO HAPPY :) PLEASEEEEEE get back to me with any ideas. AHHHHHHH, almost forgot!! Bacherlorette party is planned, wanna come??!?!?!? Bridal shower is on the 11th of July..coming sooooo damn fast!!! Hit me back Chica! Roses, Linda in KENOSHA!! YES, WES.............KENOSHA!! A.K.A KENO-WHERE LMAO!! LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS CRACK ME UP OHHHHHHH ALLIE, was listening yesterday regarding the open email of your "friend"...just wanna share with you, that my son has recently came out.. he is now 18 and is FINALLY out! Email me and we can talk further as to my opinion of whether or not you should bring it up to him (your friend). HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND CHICA!
06/05/2009 3:46PM
I hope your marrige will be as fun as your job in the morning sounds. You make me laugh so much my roomate tells me to shut up because it is to early to be that loud in the morning. I laugh anyway. I'm happy for you and look fordward to finding someone to love as cool as you.
06/05/2009 3:47PM
You guys look happy and give me hope that marrige is worth it.
02/18/2011 4:58AM
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