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How do folks dress at your workplace!?!?

According to a new survey, people are getting more casual with their work clothes. Things that used to be considered inappropriate for the office are now seen all the time. Here are the most common ways we're taking the casual thing too far.

#1.) 53% of people have coworkers who wear golf attire to work . . . but more than half of women think it's okay for men to wear it. We're not sure if that means people are wearing the horribly ugly clothes people insist on wearing when they golf . . .

--Or, if it means that people are going to, or coming from, an ACTUAL golf game . . . which is kinda like admitting that you're not really focused on work.

#2.) 49% have seen BARE LEGS on women. And 72% of men say it's distracting. Three in five older workers say that bare legs are perfectly fine at work.

#3.) 45% have coworkers who show off their CLEAVAGE. 87% of senior managers say it's a distraction . . . but 45% of them say it's acceptable.

#4.) 45% have co-workers who show off their tattoos. Two thirds of workers under age 50 say that's acceptable . . . but 61% of older workers find them distracting.

#5.) 32% of employees have seen tight clothes in the office, and 85% of WOMEN are distracted by it.

#6.) 31% have seen men wear shorts in the office. More than half of women say that it's distracting.

#7.) 30% have female co-workers who wear flip flops, and 13% have male co-workers who wear them.

#8.) 29% of people have female coworkers who wear short skirts. Only one in five mid-level managers say it's acceptable.

#9.) One in five employees have coworkers who wear spaghetti straps, although one in four men are okay with it.

#10.) 14% of people have coworkers who wear SEE-THROUGH clothing. One in five men say it's okay. 91% of women are distracted.

#11.) And 8% of people have seen HOT PANTS in the office.

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09/07/2012 6:59AM
How do folks dress at your workplace!?!?
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