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How To Get Double The Food At Chipotle For The Same Price

Are you a Chipotle burrito fan?  Do you like getting FREE stuff?

Well I am, so if you're like me this is for you!
Here's some tips that will allow you to get DOUBLE the amount of food at Chipotle for the same price. (like that's necessary, but you can take some to go)
Get the burrito bowl, not a burrito.  The burrito bowl and burrito cost the same price.  But when the employee is dumping stuff into the bowl and not into a tortilla shell, they give you a LOT more.
One test online found you get about 0.6 pounds of ingredients inside a Chipotle burrito . . . and 1.08 pounds inside their burrito bowl.  That's about 80% more.
Get the tortilla on the side.  When you order a burrito bowl, Chipotle will give you a tortilla on the side.  You just have to ask.  They'll also give you their smaller, taco-size tortillas.  That way you can make your own burritos out of the contents.
Double the beans and rice.  Chipotle employees guard the meat amounts carefully.  But they don't really care about beans or rice.
So, AFTER you order beans or rice, ask for a full EXTRA scoop.  And make sure you do it after . . . don't order "double beans" first . . . so that you get the traditional really big first scoop.
Avoid the lunch rush.  The worst time to go to Chipotle is when there's a line out the door.  The employees will try to conserve their ingredients so they don't slow things down by waiting for more.  You'll get a little more food at off-peak hours.
Try half-and-half meat.  Instead of just ordering chicken or steak or barbacoa, try ordering half chicken, half steak.
USUALLY you'll end up getting more than the usual portion of meat . . . but you do run the risk of getting an EVIL employee who screws you with small scoops of both.

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03/01/2013 8:18AM
How To Get Double The Food At Chipotle For The Same Price
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