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Happy 6 Month Birthday!

My little cutie, Owen, was 6 months old yesterday.  I can't believe it...where does the time go????????

04/26/2012 8:01AM
Happy 6 Month Birthday!
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04/27/2012 6:01AM
Happy Birthday Little Guy
I am sorry to have to post this on your birthday picture but have tried everything to contact your Mommy and her co-workers about this. The republicans had passed a law had recently passed that makes it considered being a single parent a form of child abuse and are now working on a bill that would make it legal for 16 years olds to get married without parent permission. This means all wives who are abused cannot devoice there husband in feer of losing their kids or if the husband is cheating on them. Also means that if one of the parents of a child ends up in prison for one reason or another the remaining parent could end up losing custady of thier kid/s. And it also mean that if the marriage bill passes, sexual perverts will be able to pray on the younger kids without worring about the law.
05/04/2012 8:55PM
Happy 1/2 birthday!!
My twins just turned 6 months on 4-21-12 and have the same jumper!!! This is such a fun age!!!
05/10/2012 8:18AM
Happy Birthday
How cute is he. He is awesome. Time goes really fast. My son is graduating 8th grade in two weeks. Oh My Gosh!. Enjoy him Ally it goes tooo fast. Have a great day :) P.S. 6 months old is a great age.
06/06/2012 6:28PM
Glad to see the little guy doesn't resemble his mom...
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