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What's the number one thing every girl wants in her guy....more sensitivity.  The number one thing every guy wants in his lady....not to be clingy.  Well as soon as you girls end up with a guy who shows a sensitive side he's "needy"man-woman and you need a "real" man.  And the 1st woman that isn't dangling all over her man he's going "she doesn't give me it enough!"  Here's what I propose:  Gals, try this "I want a guy who has a sensitive side but still a little rough around the edges. " Fellas, say "I don't want a cling-on but a girl who's into me."  Just a random Wes thought.

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06/09/2009 4:36AM
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06/09/2009 12:32PM
Wes, your wife should be lucky to have you. You totally get it!
06/15/2009 10:22AM
man x
Women, especially in Wisconsin, are pretty pretentious. Most of them wouldn't be happy with Ryan Braun b/c they are so picky. But there are a ton of momma's boys who like attention. No one's patient and knows how to communicate in relationship, people just seem to like hooking up for an extended period of time.
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