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Goodbye Gokey

            After making it into the top 3 on season 8 of American Idol, we had to bid farewell to our hometown boy last night.  And it’s like his hometown tour was quickly followed up by an idol hangover! 

            I thought it was just me that came into work today feeling sad, angry, and in disbelief that Danny got voted off, but after talking to many of our listeners, I realized that Milwaukee is in a day of mourning!

            I think it safe to say that we all agree that Paula’s song choice for Danny is most of the reason that we won’t see him in the finale.  Let’s be honest, outside of Terence Trent D’Arby, nobody else knew that song and unfamiliar songs are usually greeted by low votes!

            Now, at the risk of sounding like a sore loser, I can’t help but be irritated the way the show seemed fixed at times!  I feel like Simon spent most of his mic time lately encouraging people to vote for Adam.  And to hear about people not being able to get thru on the phones to vote for Danny due to technical difficulties about sent me over the edge!  I’d like to take Katy Perry’s Adam Lambert cape and shove it in Adam’s mouth the next time he does his usual screeching/screaming high notes!

            The only good news is that we’ve got word back from Jamar Rogers that Danny’s somewhat relieved.  I think he’s just ready to move on with his life, charity ventures, and make an album his way. 

            Good luck Gokey!  We all felt like we were winners for a while this season living vicariously through you, thanks for the ride, it was fun while it lasted!americanidoltop32

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05/18/2009 3:35AM
Goodbye Gokey
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06/15/2009 5:09PM
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