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For My Fellow Dog Owners

Like you I love my dog, my wife and I are the proud parents of a Boston Terrier boy named Murphy, though I love my pup, I'm also blown away at the amount of $ and work goes into being a dog parent!

Here's some numbers on what you'll do and how much you'll spend on your beloved pup.

According to a survey by Frontline flea and tick treatment, you'll spend about $18,000 on your dog over its lifetime.  That includes food, toys, boarding, and an average of 26 trips to the vet.  
And the average dog gets walked about 575 miles a year . . . which adds up to 7,361 miles over its lifetime.
Owners pet their dogs 4,554 times a year . . . or 58,291 over its lifetime.  And the average dog licks its owner 49,664 times. 
One in 10 owners let their dog sleep in bed with them, and one in four have had to chase after their dog because it ran off during a walk. 
35% of owners said their dog has embarrassed them by sniffing guests inappropriately . . . 18% said they've been embarrassed by how their dog smelled . . . and 16% of dogs have humped a guest's leg.

After all is said and done, we love our dogs and wouldn't have it any other way!

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03/29/2013 7:44AM
For My Fellow Dog Owners
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