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First EVER pizza survey!

zza isn't exactly known as a traditional summer food. But this is America. Where pizza's a food for ALL seasons. And all occasions. And all times of day.

-Zagat just released the results of their first-ever national pizza survey. Here are some highlights . . .

#1.) The average American eats pizza 4.3 times per month, or almost exactly once a week. Men eat it more than women, 4.8 times per month versus 3.8.

#2.) 88% of people eat pizza for dinner . . . 37% have it for lunch . . . 18% eat it late night . . . and 7% of people even eat it for breakfast. People in the Midwest are much more likely than any other region to eat pizza for breakfast.

#3.) New York thin crust is America's most popular type of pizza. Brick oven is second, and Neapolitan is third . . . which just means your regular pizza: Not thin crust, not deep. Chicago-style deep dish is fourth, and Sicilian is fifth. That's the square one.

#4.) Pepperoni was voted the number one pizza topping. It's followed by mushrooms, sausage, onions, ham, olives, pepper, extra cheese, spinach, and anchovies. Women actually prefer mushrooms to pepperoni.

#5.) Anchovies were named the most disgusting pizza topping. The rest of the top five are pineapple, broccoli, olives, and chicken.

#6.) 30% of people say they blot the grease off their pizza before they eat it.

#7.) 12% of females and 7% of males say they don't eat the crust.

#8.) 43% of Americans eat pizza by holding the slice flat . . . 38% fold the slice . . . and 19% use a knife and fork.

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06/27/2012 6:59AM
First EVER pizza survey!
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