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lgtvUp until last weekend I felt like I was the last person on earth without a LCD TV, well I'm pumped to say that FINALLY I have one!  

That's right, I've made that jump into this decade and sprung for a 47" LCD TV and I love it!  Now I can't believe I watched my little 27" tube TV for so long!  

I must say that when I was buying everything, the TV, surround sound, Blu-Ray, etc I was really bummed because I just saw more and more $$$$ adding into my total, but when I got home and hooked everything up I swear it was like that moment where I heard angels singing!  

...granted I'll be eating ramen noodles for awhile, but it's worth it!

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06/08/2009 6:54AM
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06/09/2009 7:48PM
Scott Dow
You should put my PS3 on it and see how Grand Theft Auto IV looks on it. The sound would be cool on you sound system too. You work from 6am to 10am, is that enough time to make the money needed to get that TV. All right that is it, I've got to stop watching the Zuxe Orman show and hearing that rich lady tell everyone else what they can't aford,lol. Stay super awesome.
06/10/2009 5:37AM
Hey Rahny-the best way to make a sloppy joe is obviously brown ground beef,drain oil, add sauce,the key is buttering your buns and browning those for a few and add cheese. it is the best!
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