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Do you care who you blast out your car window?

Not that long ago.. ok.. a while back.. I would completely morph my taste in music as the car window rolled down on a hot summer afternoon. If my window was up, Anita Baker would be on and on loud. As the window oozed downward.. Ice Cube would be blaring. What was I thinking, who was I trying to impress.. other white kids who were trying to be "down"... Today on Hwy 100 on my ride to work I heard Billy Joel "Uptown Girl" vibrating from somebody's jeep... at first I judged, but immediately gained perspective and gave him (20 something guy) a thumbs up. (in my head I gave him a thumbs up-- I wouldn't want anybody to know that I approve of his bold choice).

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06/11/2012 4:02PM
Do you care who you blast out your car window?
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