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Michele McKnight

Chinese Embassy deems Bieber "True Man"

Just in case you didn't catch major breaking news yesterday....Justin Bieber's new music video for "All That Matters" leaked online...

According to TMZ, the Chinese Embassy is thrilled! After all, he did shoot the entire video on the Great Wall of China. They are confident that the exposure from his video will increase people's desire to visit the historic landmark even more.

Aside from what I'm sure is the worst Justin Bieber video I've ever watched, there is apparently an old Chinese saying that states, "Without climbing up the Great Wall, you will not be a true man," so naturally China has officially crowned him worthy of the title 'MAN.'

I'm sure Bieber will recover from the agony of his leaked video but the internal damage is already permanent from us having to suffer through it!


Check it out for yourself

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10/16/2013 7:47AM
Chinese Embassy deems Bieber "True Man"
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10/16/2013 4:03PM
simply me
HORRIBLE.. He's trying to do too much and he looks silly doing it.. The song wasn't bad but the dancing and all the stuff he was doing with his hands just looked silly.. hes trying way too hard to fit into urban setting.. jmo
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