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Wes McKane's Blog


Guys you'll be able to understand me on this....Women sorry you asked for it!  My wife actually said to me the other day when I said I was going over to have a beer at a neighbors house "you didn't ask to go!"  I have to ask (as a 33 year old father of 3) to go outside and play???  I then decided to act the way any self respecting husband should by acting like I was 7 years old!  I spent the rest of the night acting like a child and asking permission to do everything from eating a snack to going to bed!  It didn't fly over well but you girls need to just say you wanna hang out if that's what you want!  Stop saying things like "You didn't ask" and try "Let's you and I hang out!"  Just a thought SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND WANT WHAT YOU SAYchildish...and side note: we'll choose you if we think there will be some lovin involved!!!

05/29/2009 6:24AM
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06/03/2009 11:17AM
Wes...I get what your saying, Shoot, I do the same thing with my fiance. But what I think is childish is when a man has a fit because a women asks him to do simple things around the house like the dishes, clean up the rooms, put the clothes away, do laundry...yada yada.. I work all day long and after work I pick up my 2 year old daughter from school and come home to a messy house while 'he' has been home all day.....what the heck do guys do for 11 hours a day. And to throw a huge fit to the point where no one is talking to no one...come on...grow up men...learn some respect and manners!!! Thank you for letting me vent. But that is my reason for treating my fiance like a child, because he acts like one. :)
09/03/2009 10:24AM
Wes I just wanted to say that I heard what you are going through, I really hope that things work out the best they can for you. I dont know how you can live your life on the radio and be so open but I really respect your honesty with yuor listeners. i just want to say good luck and I am praying for you and your family, smile, even though you may not think so right now things will be better soon!
09/03/2009 12:02PM
Wes, i was listining 2 ur show this morning and i heard wat was going on and me and my friend were like tearing up. i hope things get better for u, im praying for you and your family. ♥♥♥
09/05/2009 1:46PM
Wes, things will get better! Kelly might have just ment what about asking if she would like to go? I work two jobs and if my husband said I'm going to the neighbors for a beer I would have been like hey, let me grab my shoes!!!! Like I tell my kids )(that are 15 & 16)if you want to do something clean something then I will be like ok go. lol It will get better she puts up with your bs. lol
05/10/2010 7:01AM
Wes, I know this comment is old as dirt and you are way past this, but I had to say SOMETHING!! You were totally in the right! No question to it. Perhaps in her "woman" head, she probably meant for you to not so much as ask, but say something along the lines of "do you mind if I swing next door and have a beer?" instead of "telling" her. She said it wrong when she told you that you have to ask, I'm assuming. However, if she didn't and really meant for you to "ASK" her...then your response shoulda been that you don't have to. Then yell LOVE YOU TOO as you shut the door behind you! And P.S., I would've put on the same childish charade that you did and asked permission for EVERYTHING! What does she expect!? Time for an update I'm thinking.... Love, Mac
05/14/2010 9:29AM
Wes sighting at Road America. Ask him how his lap was. Bet you'll get a big grin!
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