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Rahny Taylor's Blog

Cesar Millan is my hero!

cesarmillanBeing a puppy owner for the 1st time has been quite an eye opening experience!  I never ever thought all my time, energy, and $ would be going towards my puppy.  I knew it would be a little bit of work, but wow!

One of my big saving graces has been turning on my TV everyday and watching my counselor Cesar Millan on the Dog Whisperer!  This guy is amazing, and I've honestly learned a ton from him!

Don't get me wrong, there are many moments when my dog does something that makes me stand back and realize that all of the work is worth it.  I luv my pup!

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05/27/2009 7:36AM
Cesar Millan is my hero!
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06/09/2009 7:59PM
Scott Dow
I loved watch the Dog Whisperer but Dish Network decided to put National Geographic on a different package so now I watch It's Me or the Dog and Dogs 101 on Animal Planet but not lately since I had to but my Rat Terrier down last month because he bit my niece, aunt, and mom all in the same month. :( But he is an a better place I hope where he can run free and do what nature ment for him to do.
06/22/2009 6:59AM
Rahny - You should look into "clicker training" it is amazing for training your puppy! You just click the clicker when your puppy does what you want him to and he picks it up way faster than just saying a command.
07/04/2009 10:47PM
I disagree with both the comments above...Mr. Dow, how can you be an avid watcher of Cesar Millan and then say you put your dog down for biting? Dont you watch the show? That was an unecessary death. Erinn, are you going to carry a clicker in your hand everywhere you go?..what if you want your puppy to do something and the clicker is in the other room? Seems like a waste of time...why not familiarize your puppy with you and not some clicker?
08/11/2009 12:10AM
The clicker is used to mark exactly when the behavior given is correct. By pinpointing the exact moment you cut training times in half. Clickers are small, inexpensive things and I keep mine around my wrist when I'm walking my dog to teach him to heel. We've walked twice now and already he's picking it up. Carrying a clicker is only the same as carrying a bag of treats but it speeds up the training process! I do agree with the unnecessary death though, seems a shame they put the dog down.
07/09/2011 6:53AM
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