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Michele McKnight


Once in a blue moon I'll turn on Dr.Phil, if nothing else is on, but mayne AM I GLAD I WATCHED TODAY!!!!! 
The guru of the art of cheating, so he thinks, was a special guest.   Noel Biderman is his name & AshleyMadision.com is his game.  The website is a portal for married individuals to cheat on their spouses with other married individuals.  The system of the website and confidentiality clause are put in place to help you cheat TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITIES while never getting caught!  In some extemes, they've even provided false receipts for their clients.

Noel's motto is "Life is too short, have an affair."  He says, Why not do it if there's a market for it?  He also feels like he's doing the country a service by giving people back their sanity in their sex life.
I'm not a married woman nor do I try to advise others in their Holy matrimony; however, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house with both of my parents, who are still married to this day.  It isn't necessarily for everyone, and I respect that; therefore if you can't commit to one person DON'T GET MARRIED!!!!  It's hella scary that this website already caters to MILLIONS of members paying for this service daily and even more pathetic, that there are that many people in the world insecure with being honest in the relationship they're already in!  Unfortunately, my full opinion involves too many cuss words, but I would love to hear whether you agree/disagree with his theories and why!!!  See one of the advertisements for Ashleymadison.com below

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01/31/2013 12:00AM
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01/31/2013 12:36AM
I'm not married but I'm wondering if this Noel guy is? Just because the website staff won't tell if you're having an affair that doesn't mean your spouse won't find out some other way. I don't judge peoples sex lives but like the author said if you can't commit to ONE person then don't get married!
01/31/2013 1:07AM
We live in a world of social media aka Have it your way. Just like there is an app for just about anything their are vices for anything. I came up with very spiritual parents I do believe the devil has made ordering sin as easy as ordering a cheeseburgerat any Carl's Jr. Lol smh. I'll stick to my conviction.
02/28/2013 10:03AM
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