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Wes McKane's Blog

Black clouds???

Do you ever go through these swings in your life where you just feel like no matter what you do someone is mad at you?  Ya know the significant other and you just can't click...the boss is P.O.'d at you known stop...you seem to be bickering with everyone around you ALL the time.  I've figured out how to handle this.  It's like the book "The Secret" which is the art of positive thinking, you have to wish that black cloud off of you and onto someone else.  That sucker will stick onto you for a while if you don't!  So as soon as I feel it lingering over me I pass it off to Rahny as fast as humanly possible!!!blackcloud

06/05/2009 7:06AM
Black clouds???
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06/11/2009 7:35AM
I ahven't read "The Secret", but if it's about positive thinking, I wouldn't think that it would be about wishing the black cloud onto someone else. ;)
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