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Leigh McNabb's Blog


This past Saturday was the marital extravaganza that was the wedding of one Rahny Taylor to the beautiful Britt. When I say beautiful...SERIOUSLY...stunning!!

A lot of these pics can do the talking for me but I want to point out a few highlights.
- The ceremony included lots of meaningful things to the couple and  was full of love. It was, also, full of some Danny Gokey singing action which was a surprise and AWESOME! So talented!

- The reception was out of a wedding magazine and included the necessary but oft overlooked dessert bar and late night, drunk people food. Aside from tearing up the dance floor, I spent FAR too much time in the photo booth. I'm certain I, along with my partners in crime, monopolized that gem to the point of annoyance. The outcomes - AMAZING blackmail photos - were well worth the dirty looks!

This event of the season was, by far, one of the best weddings I've been to in a long time, perhaps ever. And as someone who considers themselves a professional wedding attenderer (not thinkin' that's word) that's sayin' something. Between the BEST coworkers/friends evah and the sweetest, most loving couple, everything was perfect. AND, I found a couple dollar bills in my bra after the reception so I call that coming out ahead!!

Congratulations Rahny and Britt! I wish you nothing but the very best! Here's to "Happily Ever After!"


09/18/2012 12:42PM
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09/18/2012 7:12PM
Love you Leigh!!
Oh man this is great!!! Such a blast!! Can we please repeat next weekend britt and rahny!?? Skip Hawaii and lets have one more go around with the wedding :) k? Thanks! Ps. Leigh, giant pretzel pics are coming up tomorrow:)
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