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Alley Faith's Blog


Awesome Recipe

Since I have a new found love for Pinterest, I have been trying every recipe I can get my hands on!  This one was very easy and good...it's a chicken ranch lasagna....although it would have been nice if someone told me that the lasagna noodles had to be cooked BEFORE putting them in the pan!  lol!  Anyway, if you wanna try to make it, here is the recipe!

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07/18/2012 8:47AM
Awesome Recipe
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07/18/2012 9:22AM
next time
you can buy no cook lasagna noodlles in the store. they usually are in a smaller box and are wavey all the way across the noodle
07/18/2012 9:26AM
Creamette makes a no cook lasagna noodle that you can buy at Pick N Save.
07/25/2012 9:55PM
You are AWESOME!
Alley, this is why I love you. The recipe clearly states cooked noodles in the ingredients list. Way to be a bright one!
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