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Are you cool????

Good to see scientists working on something important. Like figuring out the main qualities that MAKE YOU COOL. That's way more important than curing cancer, right?

--Two psychologists in New York just finished a major study to determine the qualities that go into being cool. Here are the top 11, in order.

#1.) Friendly.

#2.) Personal competence . . . like being smart or talented.

#3.) Trendy.

#4.) Desirable . . . both as a friend and to other people sexually.

#5.) Attractive.

#6.) Unconventional . . . being unique or an individualist.
#7.) Prosocial values . . . like being caring or honest.

#8.) Humorous.

#9.) Confident.

#10.) Emotionally controlled . . . like being aloof or calm.

#11.) Hedonistic . . . being fun or a partier.

--A few qualities that didn't make the list are being ironic, rough, thrill-seeking, or driven for success.

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07/05/2012 7:06AM
Are you cool????
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