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Are you a patient person???

We've got the results here of a new survey that proves three things. One, most people genuinely believe they're PATIENT. Two, most people are completely delusional about that. Three . . . men are especially delusional.

--According to the survey, about three-quarters of people say they're patient . . . and men are more likely to say they're more patient than women. Even though the examples from the survey suggest the opposite is true.

--The average woman is willing to wait in line for five to 10 minutes . . . the average man is only willing to stick it out for two to five minutes.

--And men are more than twice as likely to give the car to a valet rather than drive around looking for parking.

--The survey also found that people rank checkout lines as the most frustrating places to wait. Airports are second, gas stations are third, banks and ATMs are fourth, and coffee shops are fifth.

--The most common way people pass the time in a line is playing on their phone. 2% of people say they pass the time by trying to think of ways to jump the line.

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07/10/2012 6:58AM
Are you a patient person???
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