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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (10/30)

Happy Halloween Eve - muahahahaha! That was my creepy laugh all typed out. Did you read it in a super creepy voice? You have to. Go back and read the "muahahahaha" in a creepy voice then come back to this spot. .....Go ahead, I'll wait.

Seriously. Go do it. I promise it'll be fun. Do it. Fine. You're lazy, I'll type it again and you can read it out loud super creepy like. Ready? Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!


Ok....Thank you. Wasn't that fun? Here's the random viral videos and other internet junk I've ran across this morning.

Imagine all the creepy kids from every horror movie you've ever seen. Now imagine all their parents have important meetings. This, is the creepy kid daycare:

Weird stuff all dog owners do, is spot on.

Goat says "what what"! I love goat!

Don't like scary movies? Here are some solid reasons why everyone should watch them.

Finally - here's video of that super awkward award presentation after last night's World Series.

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (10/29)

Since its Way Back Wednesday, here's one from a few years ago that was always one of my favorites. If you haven't seen this before, I present to you - Sergio Flores. The Sax Man.

This dog loves jumping on this bed. So. Much.

A woman walked around NYC for 10 hours and recorded the highlights. This is her findings. She says its harassment, what do you think?

And finally - someone strapped a Go Pro to a bottle of Fireball during a wedding. Best. Wedding. Video. Ever.

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VIDEO: Take It Literal Tuesday

Here's a playlist of the entire first season of "Take It Literal Tuesday" - all 7 episodes thus far.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/28)

Happy Take it Literal Tuesday. I've got a bone to pick with you.

Did you catch this over the weekend? ICYMI, Jim Carrey hosted SNL and Iggy Iggz was the music guest. Jim Carrey spoofed the Matthrew McConohoweveryouspellit Lincoln commercials and NAILED IT. Ha!

This guy is back again. This time, it's Michael Jackson's "Thriller" sung in 20 different ways.

Remember that video with the guys dancing on the moving treadmills? Ok Go? They're back with another visually magnificent video. Insane that they can pull this off.

Here's a cat riding a magic carpet. Yay. I only post because it looks like the cat is miserable, and I enjoy the mental anguish the cat is going through. Ha! Take that you spiteful jerk!

Texts you only send your BFF:

I could keep posting random crap, but I'd never get anything done today - and neither would you. So let's play it out with a street musician who will tickle the ivory keys like a freaking BOSS.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/27)

Happy #Halloweek - there. I dubbed this week #Hallwoeek

So my wife made these owl cupcakes and they are AMAZING. Check em out:

Google executive Alan Eustace broke the world altitude record for a parachute jump when he fell 25 miles to Earth in 15 minutes on Friday, according to The New York Times. So how did his jump compare with the previous world record set in October 2012 by Felix Baumgartner?

Lavar Burton - remember him from "Reading Rainbow?" He's back and reading the modern children's bedtime story "Go the F--k To Sleep".

Obviously this is very NSFW with the language - the below video is unedited.

This dog hates this guy, clearly.

Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/24)

What up. Happy Friday - its supposed to be freaking GORGEOUS so get out and do something. I'm spending my day in the sky tomorrow, if you've been wanting do do a jump hit me up.

Hopefully this can help you procrastinate whatever you had planned on doing today, and gets you to the end of the workday faster. You're welcome :o)

DId you hear about the NYC HATCHET attack!?? Yea. A freaking hatchet. The video is nuts:

Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg speaks Mandarin? Who knew?

OMG OMG OMG!! A Giraffe Kicking a Rhinoceros!

If you fly with Air New Zealand, you will be HIGHLY entertained by their safety video.

Cleveland Browns player kicks his 2 year old son out for liking other player. Ha!

Only Hawkins fans allowed under my roof ✊. @ajgreen_18 @king_sanu_12 😂😭

A video posted by Andrew Hawkins (@youngbabyhawk) on

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/23)

Mornin. Don't forget to put up a good "throwback" picture today for #tbt, otherwise you'll log on to fb and go "awwwww man, I forgot it was Throwback Thursday. The first world struggle is real.

Anyways. Here are some random time wasting viral videos I found this morning. Enjoy.

This bald eagle, while he's a mischevious one, is a still a fine beacon of American Freedom. He makes that obvious in this hilarious prank video.

This guy saves his car at the LAST SECOND and it's fracking crazy to watch! (Super Slow Mo Version Included)

This child begins to make unhuman like sounds after being reunited with his little kitty cat. Ew. I mean, awwwwwwww.....

Couples were asked to draw each other...not bad, considering they are terrible artists. But I don't think I could do any better, so who am I to judge?

CRAZY wind makes this waterfall go UP?? Check it:

Racism insurance. Ha!

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/22)

Behind the scenes video from our "What's It Taste Like?" Wednesday earlier this morning.


How much are your addictions costing you?

The LED Minnie Mouse costume is pretty boss.

IKEA did a "Shining" spoof for their Halloween themed commercial:

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/21)

Happy Take it Literal Tuesday #TILT "Let's call a spade a spade.

Mascots dancing to Taylor Swift, featuring Wisconsin's own Bucky Badger. Check it:

Grown men getting super scurred at a haunted house.

A dad asking his kids about sports:

This right here is a fine American canine. Bless this guy.

Some pretty solid flu hacks here if you are feeling under the weather.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/20)

The Walking Dead gets another round of "Bad Lip Reading" and its hilarious, as usual.

7 Places with dirty names. Let's vacation in luxurious Dildo Island this year, shall we?

Family Guy. Whether your watch or not, these facts are pretty cool:

Just in case you ever want to free hand draw a perfect circle, internet to the rescue!

And now, the twerking turtle.

This guy had a horrific selfie FAIL. Whoopsie.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/17)

Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt breakdance conversation is HILARIOUS.

This motorcycle riding bulldog is so polite. Even waves at pedestrians!

Redneck Moving day. Couch from a 3rd story balcony with NO STAIRS. Bam.

How to exit a conversation gracefully:

Cat interrupts a ukelele. Did i spell that right?

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/16)

Aaron Rodgers meets his doppleganger, a comedien named Tom Wrigglesworth.

The real Packer / Lambeau stuff starts around the 5:25 mark.

Remember Afroman? The guy who sang that song "Because I Got High?" - he's grown up, taking a stance for marijuana legalization and made a new version of his song:

Here's the original, in case you don't remember....because you were high back in 2001 when it came out?

Taylor Swift...and cats. And Diet Coke.

15 things that are just the WORST.

iOS Autocomplete song is pretty awesome.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/15)

BASE jumper hops off a building and lands in a swimming pool. So rad!

This hampster is using his wheel wrong, but it works.

This dog doesn't want to play soccer. He just wants some love. Give the fella a scratch!

Men playing Women in horror movies. Ha!

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/14)

Today is Take it literal Tuesday! Episode 5: "Not My Cup of Tea"

This girl's selfie game is fierce. FIERCE.

This kid has sick dance moves.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/13)

24 different pets who speak human.

Here's everything the internet thinks you need to know about Ebola. yay!

Hawk Attacks a drone - what!?

And Iggy Azalea gets mad when photogs follow her around in public. Can you blame her?

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/9)

He's having a tantrum because he wants to get married:

The Ouiji / Psychic prank:

School Lunches around the world!

20 Queen songs in 1 minute. If you dig some Queen, you'll LOVE this. Pretty rad mashup:

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/7)

Take it literal Tuesday video is coming soon. Rubbing someone the wrong way.

Jimmy Fallon and WIll I Am " EW"!

Stop Motion Parkour. Proof that people have WAY too much damn time on their hands.

An Australian Street Fight! What What!

If you dig the time lapsy type stuff, check this out. A good 5 minutes of Norway scenic eye-orgasm stuff.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/6)

Man is attacked by a litter of pugs. And its freaking cute.

This is what your life would be like if it was a Taylor Swift Song.

If men were women on Halloween:

How to wake up better every morning.

This cat is not having his walk. Just leave him inside, dammit.

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/3)

Embarassing pop culture confessions:

This Dog tells this cat enough is enough. He is a great American canine. Wait for it.....wait for it.....

Relationshp Advice from Porn stars. Seems legit.

Little girl turns "Let It Go" into a song about pooping. Awww. It's not Wes, she's a cute little girl, so you can't roll your eyes!

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VIDEOS: Stuff You Can't See On The Radio (10/2)

A country hoedown version of Anaconda is pretty tasty and a breath of fresh air.

Hugh Jackman is strying to start the new Ice Bucket Challenge raising awareness for Testicular Cancer. He's #FeelingNuts

This guy decided to entertain himself at a red light. Like a boss.

Here are the 18 most awkward bridesmaids photos.

If Siri was an evil ex girlfriend. Worth a chuckle if you have the time, but clearly the people who make this stuff have WAY too much time on their hands.

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