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Alley Faith's Blog

Posts from December 2012

Congats to my hubby!
So proud of my husband, Joe, who graduated last weekend with his Masters Degree in Sports Management.  My only thought as we sat through the LONG ceremony was...why do we still let all these people speak for 20 minutes each at graduation ceremonies??  I was looking around and no one was listening.  So I say do away with all the speakers at those things!  Would make the ceremony a lot quicker!
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Well, I finally got to the movies and saw Breaking Dawn!  It was great!!  I about had a heart attack at the end...if you have seen it you know why...but I thought it was a great ending to a great series!
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I'm Thinking Christmas Card 2012
I decided to bring Owen to our Free Pics With Santa last week and as you can see, he loved Santa.  I'm thinking "Holiday Card 2012"
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See Your House In A Snow Globe
So this is very cool....it's a website where you can type in your address and see your house in a snow globe!  My aunt sent it to me and I thought it was pretty neat.  So check it out!  Here is the website to see your house in a snow globe!

Photo Credit: Identity Photogr@phy via Flickr
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I'm Baaackkkk!

Well, I'm back after another stint in the hospital.  The same thing happened to me 5 years ago and this time around the doctor's still couldn't seem to find the problem.  Here's the short version of my drama: I lost a bunch of blood...they gave me blood....they did a lot of tests...they found nothing.  So there ya go....anyway...thanks for all your support on Facebook and Twitter while I was out!  And I did get some very nice flowers from work sent to me....check em out. 
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