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Posts from October 2012

The debates
So if you read my blog below you know I think the political ads are annoying. They are annoying!!! They don't contribute any credible information, ever. At least with the debates, you get it from the candidate's mouth. But even then who knows. Question - in the debate like the one a week ago... is it typical for the presidents to get so hostile with each other? I realize it was townhall but I was sort of surprised by how much interaction the candidates had with each other and I was like ummm are they supposed to be doing this?!?!?!?
I also realize that they covered these pretty thoroughly during the townhall style debate but let me ask... would it not have made more sense to allocate an entire debate (or possibly a second debate as the first one covered it heavily as well) to the economy as opposed to foreign policy? Let's get real, foreign policy's important but what's happening here at home is more critical on a day-to-day basis for US citizens than what's happening overseas. I'm sure to those who have friends/family serving overseas, that sounds awful... but it's the truth. Neither candidate has convinced me that they have an airtight plan for helping our economy bounce back to where it was 6-7 years ago. Yes, I'm undecided. Yes, I know, put your judging glasses on (geez alex this close to the election you're still undecided how can this be?!) Because... neither candidate has convinced me that they're the better choice. I can examin the record of the current president closely to judge whether or not I want to vote for him, but how do I know the alternative will actually be much better or worse? How do I know that with certainty? I don't. Neither do you. And you won't unless he takes office and you still won't for at least a year or two following that.
Just sayin... no matter how much you think you got it figured out, you don't :)   K. thx. bye.
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