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Posts from October 2011

This song is top notch!
Breathe Carolina - Blackout

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Ahhh weekend time and I'm hungry

I'm an avid reader of OnMilwaukee.com. And there are all these spots poppin up on my radar now thanks to them that I have a hankering to try. Barnacle Bud's... best hidden gem of 2011 (so they say). Have you been? I'm always game for seafood, so that's on the radar. Not sure if they've announced this year's best brunch (or breakfast?) but last year Blue Egg was on the list... ever been?

Let me speak for a second about what I do know. Best pizza went to Zaffiro's. YUP! Them and Lisa's are my two favorites. If you love pizza and you're not on the east side, you are in the wrong spot my friend. Best comfort food went to Maxies. I've been there two or three times and I LOVE IT. A few runner-ups: Comet, Honeypie, and Palomino. Gotta get my butt to all of those. Most importantly, best coffee - ALTERRA!!!!! Coffee is by far the most important thing in the world. It just is. And they have the tastiest sandwiches and yeah, the greatest coffee (especially the best espresso) I've ever tasted. What qualifies me? I went to college in the coffee capital of the world: Seattle. They've got good stuff out there but Peets, Tully's, and all the other Northwest chains... Alterra is the best in the nation.

Ok, enough. If you have any spots that come to mind that you say I haven't lived until I've tried 'em... please click comment, thank you!!!
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Pumpkin Spice Vodka Baby!


  • 1 vanilla bean (6 in.)

  • piece of pumpkin or banana squash

  • 1/2 of a whole nutmeg

  • 1 bottle (750 ml. or 1 qt.) vodka


  • Cut 1 vanilla bean (6 in.) in half lengthwise. With a vegetable peeler, shave 12 thin ribbons (4 to 6 in. long and about 1 in. wide) off a rinsed piece of pumpkin or banana squash. In a 1- to 1 1/2-quart jar, combine vanilla, pumpkin, 1/2 of a whole nutmeg, and 1 bottle (750 ml. or 1 qt.) vodka. Seal jar and let stand at least 4 days or up to 3 months. The flavor intensifies the longer it stands; remove flavorings once vodka tastes as strong as you like.

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Another outstanding fright!

Bear Den Petting Zoo has a haunted woods! Or you might call it a haunted trail. I haven't been yet this year but my friend Taylor (who you hear on the weekends on 103.7 KISS FM!) is going this weekend... and I'm very jealous. The wait was a bit long last year BUT worth every minute and every cent. And they let you jam to KISS while you wait so now you MUST go, right?!

Like the Fear Grounds, not for small kids. In fact, there's this one room where Santa Clause is being hanged. So little kids = no. Big kids/adults WILL LOVE IT. They have one of those rooms where the ceiling appears to be made of spikes and they bring it down on you so you think you're going to be crushed to death and that stuff is not easy to simulate. The characters stay in character and to say the props are "creepy" (like dead Santa) is understated. If you live in the Milwaukee, it's a bit of a hike to Waterford but worth it!

Address for Bear Den Petting Zoo/Phone #:

6831 Big Bend Rd. (Hwy 164) Waterford WI 262-895-6430
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Wisconsin Feargrounds SCARIER than EVER this year!

Last night, I went to the Wisconsin Feargrounds. Went last fall, it was awesome then, but as for my experience last night, holy crap... I'd say it's 10x scarier than last year! Haunted house #1, Morgan Manor is insane. Almost impossible to see what's just ahead but of course every single goblin and monster can see you! I've been going to haunted houses since I was in middle school so I'm fairly numb to them but last night, they got me good. Many times. Walking down those hallways with the windows for walls where the monsters hide behind in the dark, until all of a sudden they smash up against the window with their bloody faces and startle the CRAP out of you! So good. Not to mention the plants, animals, gargoyles, and other objects which you'll wonder as you pass them... is that a live person, or not?

This is NOT for people who are looking for cute scary, this is the real deal. If you struggle with scary stuff, DON'T DO IT. But, if you enjoy the adrenaline of a good haunt, there is no better choice than the 3 haunted houses at the Wisconsin Feargrounds.
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I love haunted stuff!!

Yup. This weekend I'm going to not one but TWO haunted destinations.

#1: I'm gonna get out to the Wisconsin Feargrounds Saturday night (Leigh McNabb will be there too... and more importantly she'll have prizes for ya from 8p-10p). I heard it's even better this year so I can't wait to check it out.

#2: Never been to Lindner's Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze before! This place has great reviews from hauntedwisconsin.com, and a few publications in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Gonna try this place, which is out in New Berlin, Friday night.

Two great sources for haunted attractions you must check out...

Our fright guide at 1037kissfm.com AND www.hauntedwisconsin.com.
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Bieber cover of How To Love
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Very pleased with TV this fall so far

There are 3 shows that I keep up with. In order of their importance to me: Modern Family, Gossip Girl (don't judge), and Law & Order SVU. SVU used to be my #1 but after Novak left the show in spring of 2008, the writing tanked because they stopped the law side of the show and began to focus on snagging big name actors and coming up with overly dramatic plots that offered zero insight into the law. Anyways, I digress. Season premiere of SVU was strong. The cast that has been there since day 1 is starting to get phased out (Stabler's been written out of the show). We'll see how that goes.

Modern Family? AMAZING. Better than ever. Season premiere was great, the next 3 episodes were just as fantastic. This show is the greatest pick me up on TV. Very excited about Cam & Mitch adopting another baby. Is it just me or did they make Mitch even more feminine this season? Claire is definitely more uptight than before. Gloria is funnier, Jay is more insensitive, and Luke is more... Luke. I love how they brightened up all the characters, making their personalities louder without allowing the writing to come off as forced. I have no issues with seeing this show snag every single emmy possible every year!

Gossip Girl (STOP JUDGING!) was ok. The quality of the writing went down last season. Too many cheesy 0ne-liners and dull plots. Season premiere was ok, solid B.  Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) is completely off the show. Thank goodness. She was a regular irritation.

OK. That is all. I just felt like sharing my thoughts. What are you watching this fall?
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