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Seth Simon

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A true friend!

You know how I know Alley is my true friend? because last Friday (5-22) we were talking and I had a "shutter" that lil boog that flaps in and out of your nose ya know!?  Well Alley...in front of our MySpace Gangsta, A marketing person from Sam's club and live on the air yells "you have snot comin out of your nose!"  Now a lot of people may have been noseembarrassed at this point but I gazed over and had a lil more admiration for my girl!  A real friend lets you know when you're rockin some nose-nasty!

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05/22/2009 7:05AM
A true friend!
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05/28/2009 4:21PM
hey wes, i would have gave u a lil mirror and a couple pieces of tissues and made u turn around and whispered to u, or i would have just like pointed to my nose and mouthed 'booger' or something. lol
05/30/2009 6:28AM
That's a really nice shot of your schnozola, Wes. Yes, very nice...
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