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A Change To One Of Your Favorite Games

Are you a fan of playing board games... maybe you've had a game night recently?

Well, If you didn't hear the makers of the board game Monopoly held an online poll to see which game piece should be eliminated, and what should replace it. 
So the IRON got the fewest votes, and will be replaced by . . . a CAT.

Thoughts?  I personally, thought that was somewhat lame.  This was presented like an old game was going to evolve so I thought something like an iPhone or something techy would be the new addition.

Guess I was wrong, here are the results.
1.)  The Scottie dog was most popular current piece.  It got 29% of the votes.  
2.)  They're keeping the car . . . which got 14%
3.)  The ship got 13% and will stay. 
4.)  The hat stays after getting 12% of the votes.
5.)  The thimble got 10% and will stay. 
6.)  The shoe . . . wheelbarrow . . . and iron all got 8%, but the iron had the fewest votes and will be ELIMINATED. 
The cat got 31% of votes as the piece that should be added easily beating the robot, diamond ring, helicopter , and guitar.

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02/07/2013 7:25AM
A Change To One Of Your Favorite Games
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