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So We Lost A Bet...Paying It Off. Dangit.

A bet's a bet.  Damn these colors look ugly.  But Suzy Sparkles did another HOMERUN job, didn't she?  Still.  Ugly colors.  Boo Seattle.  YAY GREEEN BAY!!

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (1/13)

Here's some random crap I've found on the internet today.  Videos, mostly.  Happy Tuesday!

The website Buzzfeed was breathylizing celebrities on the red carpet at this weekend's Golden Globes:


Stuff we all do after watching a scary movie:


Dude this guy's like 50 and he's still got moves.  DAYUM!  Give it 10 seconds. 


Macklemore was on Sesame Street, in case you didn't DVR the latest episode.  


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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (1/12)

Here are some of the viral videos that are going around the internet today:

Did you see the girl announce to her husband she was pregnant - while they were in the photo booth?  Awe.  Might get a lttle teary:


This dog is hilarious.  He loves his squeak toy - but he doensn't know where the squeak sound comes from:  


This guy decided to roast a marshmallow over an ACTIVE VOLCANO.  Mmmm....Volcano fresh.  


And finally, a video warning kids about the dangers of sharing their willies on the internet:

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VIDEO: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (12/09)



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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (12/8)

Hey there - Happiest of Mondays to you!  I don't know about you but at the Riggs house, we finally put up the tree this weekend.  

Here are some random viral videos I came across this morning:

SNL did a Ferguson skit that was "cut for time"  I say hilarious.  Not because of what happened and is truly going on in Ferguson, but because the media is making it a bigger circus than it needs to be and fueling an already volatile situation.  


Elfie the #HumanElfONTheShelf went skydiving this weekend:



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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (12/3)

Hey Hey, Humpday!

Here's the video for the "50 Shades Of Santa" we played on the radio, depending on where you work - slightly NSFW-ish:


Kinda cool stuff  - here's 100 years of beauty in 1 minute


This 77 year old Grandma can probably lift more than you can:


Post break up radio listening.  The struggle is real, people.  

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (12/2)

Happy Take it Literal Tuesday!  Episode 12 had me a bit beside myself...


Better Call Saul - Breaking Bad Fans are losing their minds over this clip

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (12/1)

Oh my.  Long weekends are awesome and terrible at the same time.  You know?  Here's some random videos I found on the interwebs this morning:

A pretty outstanding Thanksgiving turkey prank was played: 

Someone caught their plumber in a pretty embarassing situation, but he handles it well:


Dancing dogs are always a win:

Random acts of Pasta will melt your parmesan heart:


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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/26)

Humpday and Thanksgiving EVE!  

Here's some trending Viral Videos you can waste time, because let's be honest - you aren't doing any real work today anyways.  

The full trailer for "Jurassic World" dropped yesterday and its AWESOME (If you're into that kinda thing)


Thanksgiving Leftover hacks:

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On Ze Radio (11/25)

Sorry about the snow.  I mean, I know I didn't do it - but I feel for you.  Here we go, winter.  Let's do this.  

Here are some random videos I found on the interwebs.  

It's Take it literal Tuesday!  My wife is the apple of my eye.  


Lazer watchs are a thing, now.  And the James Bond type guy narrating is a nice touch.  The cool stuff starts around the 1:30 mark:


Wacka Flocka endorsing cough drops now?  Seems legit:

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