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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/21)

Ugh. Friday. Why did it take you so long to get here. Hungover? Me too, Let's ease the day with some viral videos, shall we?

How about some soothing music? Yeah...Euge Groove should make it work.

This girl can do impressions of 14 different celebs stuck in traffic.

Pitch Perfect 2 trailer dropped and stars some of your favorite packer players:

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/20)

Since we play Cards Against Humanity today and every Thrusday, thought I'd share this video of old ladies playing for the first time.

Oh, and also they're stuper stoned. Which adds to the hilarity.

This beagle puppy believes he can fly. He believes he can touch the sky.

Remember "Groot" from "Guardians of the Galaxy"? Here's "I am Groot" in 15 different languages. Yo Soy Groot!!

Fine. here's a cat video. Cat FAILS.

Here's the video of that TGI Friday Mistletoe Drone.

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On Ze Radio (11/19)

G'day and happy Thursday. Sorry about the snow. I know its not my fault, but I really wish I had some sort of control.

Here's a tiny Hampster Thanksgiving. Yes, its awesome.

Here's the video we were talking about Straight No Chaser and Kristen Bell "Text Me Merry Christmas"

Rams vs. Punching Bags is pretty badass:

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/14)

Harsh winter weather aside, let's all agree to be happy its Friday. Hello, weekend.

Here's that video everyone's talking about where the Russian girl craps her pants while twerking. Fake? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely. (WARNING: Poop seen in pants)

Guys recreating the Kim Kardashian.

The new 50 Shades of Grey trailor dropped last night: Feel free to drop your jaw at the video below:

Did you ever see this viral social experiment? A woman walked around New York for 10 hours silently and was "catcalled" almost 100 times...here's the vid:

Someone tried riding their coat tails and did another "experiment" - only this one was all staged:

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On Ze Radio (11/13)

Happy Thursday. It's cold. Oh well.

Here's a parrot doing an impression of Matthew McConoughey (sp)

Kitten therapy. Ugh.

Shooting a bulletproof car with an AK-47 is just as badass as it sounds.

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On Ze Radio (11/12)

Hump Dayyy! I got nothin clever today. Tied one on last night and I'm running on caffiene. ha! Here's some mindless videos though!

Here's that naked Kim Kardassian pic everyone is talking about...

RIP Big Bank Hank. Real Video disabled embedding, link is HERE if you wanna watch that. You'll know Big Bank Hank from his famous line "Ho-Tel, Mo-Tel, Holiday Inn!" ha! Otherwise, listen to the whole original Rappers Delight below! Yea, its pretty long...

Pat Sajak loses it. Ha! He still had my vote for Governor.

Vulgar Displays of Cuteness. Here's a baby playing the drums to Pantera. Awww.

Weird things that make men uncomfortable...

Here's a violin cover of Taylor Swift "Shake It Off". Classy!

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On Ze Radio (11/11)

First of all - thank you to those who served, and are currently serving. Thank a vet today.

Take it Literal Tuesday,

It's a beagle and a baby! Totes Adorbs! (did I really just say that?)

Watch this. Just watch. It's only 15 seconds. Oh. Em. Gee.

Look - its a Salmon Cannon! So many cameos!

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/10)

Enjoy these last few days of fall. While I've got my winter jacket out, I'm not quite ready to start rocking it. Still in hoodie mode and holding on to fall as long as possible. Anywho's - here are some random videos I've found this morning in my half hungover sleep deprived state...

A baby and a dog are BFF's, how can you not "squeee"!?

How much money does Apple make when they sell an iPhone? How much does Subway pocket when they sell you a "$5 foot long"?
All that is (allegedly, this is the internet - so believe what you want) in the video below...

Dudes hitting on dudes is mildly entertaining.

Amazon's "Alexa" is their vision of "Siri"...

Hello, Owl.

This guy is. Batman! A Street legal bat mobile, and he does it for Make A Wish kids, which makes it even sweeter.

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/07)

Taylor Swift vs 1980's Workout videos is pretty rad:

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/06)

Ellen Degeneres' best scares is pretty hilarous.

13 Embarassing cake fails

What its like to NOT watch game of thrones.

1 question - 50 people. The answers the kids give will make you go awww...

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/04)

It's election day. Remember - If you don't vote, you can't bitch. I'll cast mine.

Enter, Episode 8 of Take it Literal Tuesday:

Photo shoot fail.

McDonalds shows you how a McRib is really made:

Women are weird and kinky. Here's what their top 10 porn searches.

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VIDEOS: Stuff U Can't See On The Radio (11/03)

Happy November - and happy sun setting at 4:30pm. WTF!?

Now that Halloween is behind us, let's forget Thanksgiving and just talk about Christmas! Yay!

Grumpy Cat has Christmas movie coming out, and here's a clip to whet your whistle.

This 7 year old kid doing the weather is either the cutest or most annoying thing ever:

The trailer for "Furious 7" - one of Paul Walker's final films. Will be interesting to see how they work his character into this movie:

Daylight Saving - the movie:

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