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'New Moon' is in da house!

twilight_new_moon-13018Okay, I admit it.  I never read Twilight.  I didn't even see the movie.  I was convinced in my stubborn ways that it would be scary or ghorry and I was not having ANY of that.  I don't screw around with scary movies.

Well, good news!  Turns out I have had a change of heart.  Twilight is the next book on my list.  As soon as I finish reading the Women's Murder Club books, I am all over this one.  I need to see why everyone is so in love with this Rob Pattinson dude.

If you are going crazy waiting for the movie, it turns out they just launched a website for New Moon!  Here it is...


07/23/2009 2:37AM
'New Moon' is in da house!
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07/23/2009 9:33AM
Get ready to read all four book then...cuz once you start ready the books, you want to know what happens next! Its worth reading New Moon before the movie comes out!
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